Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I LOVE Spring!

But I don't really care for replacing all the plants that this winter destroyed. How were we suppose to know that this winter was going to be one of the worst in Florida?! So this weekend we headed out to the front yard and pulled out the weeds that we have been ignoring, ripped out all the plants that didn't make it ( total of 7 ) and took out all of last years mulch. Then we headed to Home Depot, Lowe's and a local nursery.

Way before:


After this weekend:

Now if we could just get those damn spots to grow some grass!!! Oh and one more fern to go on the end of the front porch. :)

Our Saturday Bathroom Overhaul

One Saturday afternoon we got a hair up our ass and ripped everything in our bathroom that bothered us. Sometimes Nate and I don't really think about something we just start....and we will figure it out as we go along. It works most of the time. This time it worked great.

Here's Before:

Not too bad..But it just wasn't us. The vanity was a bit beat up and the medicine cabinet...don't get me started

After the impromptu demo..

We couldn't afford a whole bathroom renovation so we just changed a few things like paint, a vanity, a mirror and a few accessories. Trust me we would have loved to rip out the beach themed tile in our bathroom.

The Result?

So what do you think? Job well done? We will pat ourselves of the back for you! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Curb Appeal!

A couple of weeks ago Nate and a dear friend of ours built a railing around our front porch from scratch!! (does that work with home improvement or only in baking?) Who knows! Nate always amazes me on how much he can do and makes me so proud. So here are some pictures....

BEFORE...(this before... is way before!! Oh how the front of house has changed! This is before the front door and landscaping!! Taken for Nate's mom to draw us up a landscaping plan! )

Ignore the girl in the awful outfit in one of these pictures...Nate made me paint after I got home from working out....No excuse! But it did take about 5 hours to paint! :) And also blame the cold winter in Florida (makes me laugh every time) for the poor looking plants or it could be the  NON-FLORIDA people for planting brand new plants in November! Home learn something everyday. NO JOKE!

Next...the bath room update! And since Nate is deployed will come soon!!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Once a month isn't bad?!

About two weeks ago we painted our master bedroom. Well really we painted it twice because the first time it ended up purple. Don't ask me how a blue-steel color turns to just does. So we fixed it and so glad we went with a different color avenue. I don't think I have pictures of before. But it's not hard to imagine a rectangle room with ugly paint and wood closet doors, now is it?

Here's the after..
We still need to find a duvet cover, but Khole's and everywhere else I have gift-cards to just doesn't want us to sleep in a fully decorated master bedroom.  Oh and a new LCD wouldn't hurt either. :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Door!! Finally a post!

Now I've been meaning to make this post for A LONG TIME!!! But you know I'm not too great at keeping up to date with this damn blog! But I AM TRYING!!!!

To refresh your memory this is what our front door was...

Can we say yuck?! I know I can! This door...N and I had so much hate towards this door! I know what your thinking...what did this door ever do to you? Well let me tell you!! It had at least a 1/2 inch gap on all three sides..( i.e loosing money..i can just hear my dad..."ARE WE AIR CONDITIONING THE WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD"? ) Yes dad, we were!!! WERE BEING THE KEY WORD!!

With my soon to be hubby's ambition to learn and a good friends help this is our new front door.

 It's not the greatest picture. But hopefully if my ass will update this blog you will see a lot more of it! Hopefully if I get the Christmas pictures up here...I know its January but it is one of my New Year's Resolutions  to update this blog more. So everyone can see all that we are doing to make this house.......a home!! :) So cheesy!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Let There Be Plants!!

Yay! We finally did some landscaping this week! Here are the before and afters!



Now on the check list...
New front door
Railing around front porch!
Cut out a island in the middle of the yard
Plants for the island.

Before Christmas.....
is that too much to ask?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Ever since I finished painting the living room I am in a rut! I can't make up my mind of what we need for this room to be finished. I found a couple things that I like, I just can't make up my mind!! Here is what I have found!
From World Market...

I'm thinking about the screen to go behind the chair...just to block from seeing the door from the couch. The jug and the bamboo sticks next to the entry table...need some height over there. And the rug for under the dining room table. Something simple because the rug in the living room has a lot going on. We need a rug under the table to make cleaning easier..with 2 animals that seem too lose their hair a a high would help a ton!

Any ideas?